Frequently asked questions

Do I need a prescription from my doctor to purchase MOVICOL?

No. Although MOVICOL® is prescribed by doctors and available on the PBS, it’s also available for purchase over the counter (OTC) at pharmacies, for patients with chronic constipation or for
occasional use.

Is MOVICOL suitable as the first choice of treatment for occasional constipation?

Yes. MOVICOL has an effective but gentle mode of action and is an appropriate first choice treatment for both occasional and chronic constipation. (But before you try a laxative, it is recommended that you try modifying your diet, water consumption and exercise routine.)

Are packs of MOVICOL 8 sachets designed for people with occasional constipation?

Packs of MOVICOL 8s are convenient for many people with occasional constipation (a pack of 8 should usually be enough to resolve the condition). However, MOVICOL has a long shelf life, so you may prefer to buy a larger pack of 30 to keep on hand. See available flavours here.

Are there any issues with long term use of MOVICOL?

MOVICOL works in harmony with the body’s own processes to facilitate regular bowel movement – its action is physical rather than pharmacological.  MOVICOL is not a stimulant, and is not associated with ‘lazy’ bowel. In studies of up to 2 years duration, MOVICOL has been shown to be generally well tolerated.

As with all laxatives, prolonged use is not usually recommended, except under the guidance of a healthcare professional. Use in children aged 2 years and older should be limited to 12 weeks, except under medical supervision.

How long will MOVICOL take to work?

Don’t be concerned if MOVICOL does not work immediately. MOVICOL usually takes 1 to 2 days to
trigger the first bowel movement – allowing you to stay in control, so it’s important to remember this.

Is MOVICOL safe in pregnancy and breast-feeding?

MOVICOL can be taken while breastfeeding.  
If you are pregnant, talk to your doctor before you take MOVICOL.

Can MOVICOL be used by people with diabetes or lactose or gluten intolerance?

MOVICOL is sucrose, lactose and gluten free.