Clinical evidence

MOVICOL® has compelling clinical evidence in support of its indicated use. Below are some of the commonly referred to clinical papers:

MOVICOL has Level 1, Grade A clinical evidence for efficacy and safety in the treatment of Constipation – Ramkumar & Rao

MOVICOL is more effective compared to Lactulose – Lee-Robichaud H et al. The Cochrane Library 2010, Issue 7.

MOVICOL is more effective and equally well tolerated compared to fibre (ispaghula husk)
– Wang H-J et al

MOVICOL acts faster to relieve constipation post-op than Coloxyl and Senna - Madsen L et al

MOVICOL recommended as first line laxative for Opioid induced constipation - Wirz S & Klaschik E

MOVICOL-Half in Children demonstrated to be effective and well tolerated in the treatment of constipation – Hardikar W, Cranswick N & Heine RG.

MOVICOL is effective and well tolerated in Parkinsons Disease associated constipation
– Gruss H-J & Ulm G

MOVICOL is effective and well tolerated in constipation due to spinal cord injury or disease
– Kalke YB et al

MOVICOL is effective and well tolerated in the management of constipation in a disabled population - Migeon-Duballet I et al

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