Product information

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MOVICOL Liquid Orange Flavour

MOVICOL (Lemon-Lime)

MOVICOL Chocolate

MOVICOL Flavour Free

MOVICOL Junior Lemon-Lime also known as MOVICOL-Half


MOVICOL Junior Chocolate


Formulation and mixing

MOVICOL comes Flavour Free and in Lemon-Lime or Chocolate flavours.

The Lemon-Lime and Chocolate variants contain a flavouring and a sucrose-free, zero calorie sweetener (acesulfame K).

The Flavour Free variants contain no flavouring or sweeteners.

The Flavour Free variants are MOVICOL Flavour Free and MOVICOL Junior.

The Lemon-Lime variants are MOVICOL (original), MOVICOL Junior Lemon-Lime and  MOVICOL-Half.

MOVICOL Liquid is an orange flavoured liquid concentrate.

dosage table

Unlike other osmotics that draw water from the body into the bowel, with MOVICOL there is no net movement of water to or from the digestive tract, so no additional water is required beyond the 125 mL used to dissolve each sachet of MOVICOL. This can be helpful for patients who struggle to drink large quantities of fluids. However, once mixed with the correct amount of water, cordial can be added to MOVICOL. It is also generally recommended to drink more fluid when constipated as a dietary measure.

MOVICOL has low potential for drug interactions (See Product Information), requires no dose adjustment for patients with renal insufficiency, and can be used by diabetic patients (as it will not affect blood glucose). In the treatment of faecal impaction, patients with impaired cardiovascular function should consume a maximum of 2 sachets (250mL of MOVICOL) per hour.


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