Toilet tips​

A normal bowel evacuation should take about a minute after sitting on the toilet, and there should be no discomfort or straining involved.

  1. Never ignore the urge to go to the toilet

  2. Don't rush going to the toilet

  3. Try to establish a daily routine – sit on the toilet regularly, for example for 5 minutes after each meal or soon after waking up in the morning

  4. Follow the instructions below to position yourself correctly on the toilet.

The correct positon for opening your bowels

correct position for opening your bowels

Do you have 'toilet phobia'?

For some people having a bowel movement can be quite daunting and can cause ‘safe toilet syndrome’ or ‘toilet phobia’. This condition can be caused by a variety of factors, including a bad experience or trauma. It may also be spurred on by the fear of using public toilets, or unfamiliar surroundings. Some people have anxieties relating to a lack of privacy or a fear that the toilet is not clean.

It’s important that you don’t resist the urge to go to the toilet. There are ways to overcome your worries, such as counselling. You should speak to your doctor if anxieties are affecting your toilet habits.

If you have haemorrhoids

This can cause a fear of straining, but it is important that you do not hold on as it will worsen constipation. Using a laxative or stool softener may be recommended so that it doesn’t hurt as much when passing the stool, and the haemorrhoid condition is not aggravated.