MOVICOL is Australia’s No. 1 Selling Laxative in Pharmacies*, and is suitable for patients aged from 2 years and over with either chronic or occasional constipation.

Since 1995, millions of constipation sufferers across 40 countries have been treated with MOVICOL. Clinical studies demonstrate it to be effective in the relief of symptoms and generally well tolerated.

Unlike some laxatives that contract the bowel through nerve stimulation, MOVICOL works in harmony with the body through a natural action, and has a predictable effect for most people. There is usually a natural urge to go to the toilet and have a bowel movement (without straining or delay) within 24-48 hours. This means you’re in control, like you would be with a normal bowel movement.

MOVICOL comes in 3 different flavours and 2 pack sizes (of 30 and 8 sachets), and there is a special paediatric strength for children 2 years and over. All MOVICOL products are sucrose, gluten and lactose free.

*IMS Pharmacy Retail A6A market, $ Value MAT data as of March 2013.